Oct 13

Keeping Your Children Away from Bad Influences

There are instances where your ex might end up neglecting the court order the two of you have agreed on for visitation and other parenting duties, in such cases you may need to seek aid in the courts.  There might be concerns about who the children are spending time with, and these concerns can manifest into a desire to keep the child away from these individuals.  Issues such as being around those who are abusive or on drugs can be a concern for many parents, and they should be addressed.  The presence of custody arrangements can complicate one’s ability to involve them self in a matter like this on their child’s behalf, so the help of a legal professional is sometimes necessary to go forward with a legal action.

When you are concerned about your children coming into contact with people who you think are a bad influence, it is vital that you consult with a legal professional to go over your options.    They can help you to communicate your case to the judge, and hopefully there will be a positive result afterwards.  A legal professional can review the circumstances of the entire case, and hopefully help you to come up with a solid solution going forward.  There are a number of different jurisdictional circumstances that can come up during the course of one of these proceedings, and having legal aid here is very important.  A successful effort of this type in court can help to keep children away from bad influences.

Oct 13

When Your Ex-Wife Threatens to Move Out of State with the Children

If your ex-wife has threatened to move away a great distance and take your children with her, you might have legal recourse.  The threat of moving away in this manner is sometimes used in order to encourage the non-custodial parent to be more pliable during certain negotiations.  There are some forms of legal action that will allow you to mandate she is not allowed to leave the state with the children.  If they decide to do so anyway they can be held in contempt of court, and this is where legal representatives really come in handy.  It is a good idea to have a knowledgeable legal professional around to aid you when completing legal forms.

If the legal action goes forward in your favor then you should be able to keep the children in the state, and if your wife leaves anyway she will likely be found in contempt of court.

Most often the custodial parent is required to ask for permission from the court before she takes the children in order to leave the state.  Of course this is assuming that you and your former spouse have already gone to court for divorce or custody matters in the past.  Legal matters are typically very time sensitive, and for this reason it is important that you seek out a legal professional to help you with this situation quickly.  If you find yourself in a situation like this it would be a good idea to seek out assistance as soon as possible.

Oct 13

Lowering Child Support in Times of Financial Difficulty

For many people out there it can become exceedingly difficult to meet their child support payments, and this is often due to a decrease in their income.  There will be some challenging days ahead regardless of whether or not you have a legal professional, but having one can help to navigate the legal process and present your side of the story.  Being adequately assisted by a legal professional will go a long way in aiding you to seek out a favorable result in your proceeding.  It is by taking it upon yourself to locate accurate representation that you can communicate your side of the story to the court.  In no time at all you should be able to address these issues, but only if you are prepared to hire a knowledgeable legal professional.

Your current expenses and your current income will play a large factor, the nature of your termination will also play a part in some jurisdictions.  Depending on the jurisdiction of your case a voluntary termination versus an involuntary one will have an impact on how the court perceives your request.  Of course this is all depending on where you are located, some jurisdictions are going to be more understanding than others.  Having a legal professional if you have been terminated from an especially high source of income you cannot replace is vital, because you may not be able to keep up with payments lacking that income.  The court can be understanding when you lose your job, but it is a situation that must be communicated in a certain way.

Oct 13

When Your Ex-Wife Makes it Difficult to See Your Children

When your ex-wife is making it hard to see your children it is important to weigh your options carefully.  Approaching her in a civil manner and asking if there is anything you can do to make it easier for you to see them is one option, but if that does not work out you may need the aid of a legal professional.  By going this route you can have the court stand behind their judgment, and if they rule that you have a right to see your children your ex-wife will be in contempt of court if she defies a court order for visitation.

When confronting a situation where your child is not being made able to visit with you by the other parent it is a good idea to involve a legal professional.  When you believe that your ex-wife is providing excuses for you not to be able to see your children that are not founded in reality, a legal professional can advise you on how to proceed.  This can include the drafting of legal documents and the like in order to proceed in a way that is appropriate for the legal system.

A well educated and suitable legal professional is someone who can help out a parent who is unable to see their children, while there are no guarantees this is a service that will help.  This is one instance in which the aid of legal advice can be helpful in allowing you to see your children.

Oct 13

When Your Ex-Wife’s Schedule Changes and Affects Your Visitation Time

As a result of a changing lifestyle you might find that you are having trouble getting to see your child on time, and this is a situation that some parents require the mediation of the court to decide.  The ability to go ahead and overcome the challenges you might face with regard to these setbacks will usually involve the services of a legal professional.  A good legal professional greatly increases the ability to which your rights are represented in a legal proceeding.  A legal professional combs over the facts and options that there are concerning a specific case, and after that a course of action can be decided on.

Court involvement as a mediator for parenting time disputes is something that comes up in the courts on a regular basis, and there are established protocols for addressing each situation.  The courts do not provide legal professionals for you though, this is something that you have to seek out on your own.  A legal professional helps out greatly in navigating through the negotiation process in order to create a more amicable situation.  For this reason it is important that you take the need to hire a legal advocate in this case very seriously, because everything you say and do will come out in court.  If you choose not to hire a legal professional to assist you in navigating through these processes you could find yourself in an unfavorable position, and in family court these can last a long time.

Oct 13

Financial Aid and Your Child Support Obligations

In some cases fathers will be asked to pay child support who are currently in dire straits financially.  These situations can include social security payments and other funds which pay into that person’s day-to-day living expenses.  Such situations can encourage the other parent to seek out having child support taken directly out of these income streams, and depending on the state it can happen.  Location and jurisdiction plays a huge part in how child support can be collected, and often the laws surrounding them can be somewhat complex.  Consulting with a legal professional should shine light on what sort of jurisdiction issues effect a given case.

The Judge in your case will not look favorably on any dishonesty where your disclosures are concerned.  Financial schedules and other legal inquiries are made to ensure that the child is receiving an adequate amount of aid from the non-custodial parent.  Consulting with a legal professional can help you to address any questions you might have about this process.  Every case is unique, and no assumptions can be made about what a given situation might have to offer in terms of options.  This is why a legal professional is needed to comb over all of the details of a case.  The smallest detail can end up being a huge factor in determining how a decision is made on a given petition or judgment.