5 Reasons You Should Have a Will

There will come the time that everyone will die sooner or later. Having a will helps allocate your assets to loved ones, charities, or any other entity. The question then becomes that why is it that when polled only an estimated 40 percent of people actually have a will. There are a plethora of reasons that a person should have a will especially if they have children or children from multiple marriages and you share custody with your Ex. There were actually people who were polled who would rather give up sex for a period of time or get painful dental procedures done. Some do not have a will as they do not want to think about the possibility of dying. Others do not want to spend the money but there are plenty of reasons to get a will written up and they are as follows.

Easier Than Ever

Those who think that getting a will written up is difficult are very wrong. There are sites like LegalZoom that help you write your own wills at a small price. It is comparable to how TurboTax as it is a software and shouldn’t take too long to fill out. There will be interview like questions that help populate the will into its complete form. With services this easy and cheap there shouldn’t be an excuse for not having a will especially if you have children or a vast estate.

Take Care of Your Children

Taking care of your children should be the first priority of your will. This can be putting a trustee in charge of your estate until the children have reached a certain age. This age should be at least 25 as younger people do not have the maturity to inherit large sums of money especially after the death of a parent. Taking care of your family and keeping them from fighting among themselves is another positive aspect of having a will. Without a will then it is possible that a blood relative that you might not approve of will have the controlling stake in your estate.

Keep The State Out Of It

The state has ancient views on relationships and it is possible that a state may not recognize a marriage or union and grant the estate to someone you wouldn’t want it going to. For those who have less than traditional families it is essential to specify what assets to go which person. Not all people want their money and possessions to go to their family but would rather have it go to a charity. In these cases the charity would probably pay a lawyer to write your will for you especially since they will benefit.

Updating It Isn’t Difficult

Once you have a will written then it isn’t difficult to make modifications to it. Sometimes there are deaths of people you have written into the will or a break in a relationship can change the primary benefactor of a will. You will just have to have a few witnesses to sign it and your new will can be official.

Estate Taxes

To be civil about the matter, the government taxes an incredible amount of money from things left behind to others. If you don’t leave a will then they will take even more with court costs that can be incurred during probate when the court is deciding who gets certain things. Granted the estate taxes will take a toll whether you write a will or not, the taxes are decreased for those who have a will written out. If you have been working your entire life to have a bulk of your money and possessions taken by the government and the legal system then not having a will is for you. If you saved to take care of family and friends then having a will written is imperative.

By being able to overcome the fear of writing your own will you have the opportunity to better take care of those who are important to you. Having a will is an advantage to everyone involved and you want what you have worked for to go to who you designate. Go out and write your will as your family deserves it.

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