Business Income and Child Support Cases

The determination of child support payments is a very complicated process.  These payments are based off of how much available income a parent might have.  The formula used to determine these payments varies greatly from state to state, and a legal professional is often necessary to effect a fair result.

One of the complications that can arise during these negotiations is if the non-custodial parents owns a business.  Business income presents more challenges for the court because of the variable nature of the income, and a lack of automatic withholding for taxes and business expenses should be taken into account.  Many people wonder if the court should look at these expenses in a certain light, and each state is different in its appraisal of these revenue streams.  Income from a new business that is started up should definitely be considered with regard to the possibility of higher child support payments.

Due to the complicated nature of both business income and child support payments, a legal professional can prove to be very useful here.  Consulting with one of these individuals is a good first step in determining what your options might be moving forward.  Every state will review this income in a different light, for this reason it is vital to get advice from a legal professional who knows what they are doing.

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