Changing Custody Agreements to Accommodate Unaccompanied Travel

In the situations where parents live far apart, children can be sometimes required to travel via plane in order to visit a parent that lives in another state.  Such situations for young children will require them to have someone alongside them, and airlines do in fact require a travel companion for children under a certain age.  Although as children get older they may be more capable of supervising themselves and will eventually be allowed by the airlines to fly as an unaccompanied minor.

Due to the savings of only paying for a child’s travel costs, there are many fathers out there in this situation who would like to see the custody agreement altered to allow for an unaccompanied flight when possible.  Due to a variety of different factors and motivations an ex-wife may try to combat this change however.

Every situation is going to call for a different set of issues to be addressed, and the best chance of successfully modifying a custody agreement is to contact a legal professional.  Contacting someone who has a good deal of experience in these matters should aid you greatly in figuring out how to move forward.  A seasoned legal professional should be able to explain the rights and protections a father has in this area.  The best first step in this situation is to contact a legal professional who can assist you in understanding the best legal courses of action for you.

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