Divorce and Child Custody: Why You Should Be Patient With the Legal System

When you are going through a divorce and determining child custody, most parents want the results and decisions to be made right away. Unfortunately, the legal system doesn’t work that way, and many divorce and child custody cases take months, and possibly years, to determine.

Obviously, this length will cause you to become stressed and frustrated, and while you have every right to feel that way, it’s very important that you do your best to be patient with the legal system, and here’s why.

 It can help your case.

When you are patient with the legal system, you are showing more respect for the court and for the judge. This can be beneficial in your case, as the judge will notice your compliance and take this into consideration when making a final decision. If you constantly show your displeasure with the court proceedings, it could have a negative impact on your case, and this is not something you want to risk.

 It can help you get custody

A judge is going to award custody to the parent who can provide the best home for the child. When you are patient with the court system, you are showing the court that you can be a patient person. Everyone knows that patience is needed when it comes to raising a child, and this can make you look like a better parenting option.

If you are becoming frustrated and becoming aggressive, this could negatively impact your custody chances. No judge is going to award custody to an individual who shows signs of aggression, as doing so could put the child in harm’s way.

If you are being patient with the court, and your ex is showing signs of stress, the judge may decide to rule in your favor so as to not put the child in harm’s way.

 It can increase your chances of a settlement

Sometimes divorce and child custody cases take a long time because you and your ex cannot agree. If you are patient with the system, and your ex is becoming frustrated, it increases your chance of a settlement. Your ex may become so frustrated with the court and the length of time it’s taking that he or she is willing to give you something you want or settle the dispute more amicably in order to get it over with. This could be extremely favorable to you.

 It makes your lawyer’s job easier.

Your lawyer is your legal representation in this case, and if you become frustrated or stressed and take it out on your lawyer, it could have a negative impact on how they fight for you or treat you in general.

When you’re patient, you will have a better relationship with your lawyer, and this can be extremely favorable when it comes to getting what you want. Your lawyer will be more willing to talk with you and discuss the case and your options, and they will also be willing to work harder to ensure you get the results you deserve.






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