Documenting Facts Prior to Filing for a Divorce

One of the most important factors with regard to pursuing a legal action is the amount of documentation you have available to you.  The documentation created and kept can be used as evidence in court, your legal professional is there to advise you on how to make it and how it might be used.  Solid documentation can help to remove much of the emotion typically associated with conversations, and help everyone to remember how things really are.

There are many different forms of documentation including date logs with times, which can increase the credibility of those who say something happened at a certain time on a certain day, it is important to keep the facts as accurate as possible.  These documents are examined by the court in order to attempt to corroborate someone’s account of what has been happening.  Notes can be about conversations, events and anything else that occurs, and these notes become evidence.  Photographs are also a type of documentation, and they are considered more concrete than written documentation in many cases.

Documentation of the facts can be used in order to back up your story in court, the way these documents are presented into evidence can be handled by a legal professional.  Any accusation against the other parent that can be proven with photographs will go a long way in backing you up in court, and should help out a good deal with credibility.  This is something that is not applicable to everyone’s situation, but if it is something you can do than it would be a good idea.

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