Evidence Needed to Modify a Custody Plan

Sometimes child custody agreements can require modification because circumstances might have changed going forward.  One of the common reasons a parent might request this change in arrangement is that that the child is spending more time with the parent than originally specified in the visitation schedule.

By spending more time with a child there could be some changes that need to be made in order to accommodate the possible scheduling issues.  When the child is under a parent’s care it is important that they are financially responsible in order to care for the child in question.  The financial burden is usually split in the divorce decree, and a court order is needed to reallocate financial care, this includes things such as lowering child support payments to reflect the new amount of time being spent with one parent as opposed to another.

One of the reasons to seek out a formal change is to make sure that the change is permanent.  Without a court order in place the other parent could unilaterally change the schedule back to the original arrangement.

Convincing the court that a change in custody is warranted is made easier by the use of a legal professional.  There needs to be evidence that the visitation schedule has changed, so keeping a record of times visited with the children can be used as such evidence.  Written and photographic or video documentation can go a long way in helping a judge to understand where everyone is coming from.

Getting professional help is a vital step in this process. 

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