Ex-Wife Attempting to Grant Guardianship of Children to Another Adult

If circumstances should change after a divorce, the child custody arrangements could be a little more complex.  In certain cases when a mother has custody of her child she may not be able to take care of it, and could try to grant guardianship to someone else.  These people can include relatives or new spouses.  The father in question might have some incentive to research the legality of this course of action, and it is common for fathers to be worried about legal rights.  Giving custody of the children to someone else is not always something that is easy to change down the road.

Due to these situations being emotional it is a good idea for the father in question to talk with a legal professional in order to ensure that something is done.  Every situation is unique, and for this reason it is important that the parent in question consult with a legal professional if possible.

Discussing the case in question with one of these specialists will go a long way in seeing what a parent’s options might be.  A legal specialist can determine what is at stake and what courses of action are available.

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