Fathers Rights and School Records

In the wake of many divorces some non-custodial parents might still retain the right to view their child’s school records.  Some of the exceptions to this are if the legal status of the parent in question has been terminated by the court, or if the divorce decree happens to state that the non-custodial parent cannot have access to these records.  The custodial parent cannot decide whether or not to restrict access on their own.

Federal Law protects the rights of non-custodial parents to see their children’s school records in certain situations.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires that schools provide academic information to the parents of a given child, regardless of marital status, unless there is a court order which states to the contrary.

If the parent wants to get access to a certain child’s academic records, then they are going to need to speak with a legal professional in order to see what their options are.  If this is not an option than contacting the school directly would be the next route to take.

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