Filling Out Child Custody Forms Cooperatively

Determining the custody of children during a divorce is often one of the more complicated and emotional points that ex-spouses need to work through.  No matter what the circumstances,  it is important that parents try to maintain cordial relations with their ex-spouse in order to make the process easier.

The first step is to discuss the issues ahead of time in order to leave the other person feeling as if they have encountered an unpleasant surprise.  It is important that parents try to keep things as respectful and informative as possible, and calmly explain anything you are doing.  Keeping a calm and level tone will also go a very long way in keeping everything on the level when it comes time to do things together.

The best advice most people have to give is to take emotion out of the process as much as possible, because it can lead to an unpleasant conversation.  Showing too much emotion can lead the other party to become upset as well, and this can hinder the entire process overall.  Judges are a lot less likely in most cases to award custody to someone who appears unstable, and keeping a handle on your emotions is important for this reason.

A way to limit your emotional tension is to try and find a solution outside of court such as mediation.  A reasonable arrangement or compromise can be made if you are diligent about how you proceed, but it is going to mean that you work hard at it.  Emotional outbursts and other instabilities are something that need to be controlled, because they can come into play in a judge’s summary of the case.

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