Finding Out if Your Ex-Wife is in Contempt of Court

After a divorce, both parents are obligated and are legally bound to keep their side of the divorce decree.   Although sometimes the arrangement is not adhered to, and a father may have to seek out legal mediation.  An ex-wife who is not allowing court-ordered visitation, may be violating a court order, and the court might have to intervene.

If you ex-wife is not living up their end of the divorce decree, one might want to contact a legal professional for advice.  One option that a legal professional may recommend is asking the court for a motion of contempt.

Basically, a person is guilty of contempt for not doing what the court has ordered them to do.  Contempt is very specific to an individual case, so it is imperative that a legal professional be consulted before attempting to file contempt charges against your ex-wife.

The court has the ability to levy fines, award visitation as compensation or even amend custody agreements in cases of contempt.  Speak to a legal professional to see whether or not you have a case.

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