How to Treat Children During a Divorce

Divorce is an emotionally jarring experience for everyone, but for children especially it can be traumatic. It is important for the sake of the children that a divorce be as smooth and expedited as possible, otherwise the children can be adversely affected.

Sometimes children can feel like a divorce is their fault, and it is vital that both parents reassure the child in order to ensure they know they are loved. This can go a long way in easing the pain a child might feel, and once a divorce has been finalized it is a good idea to keep any conflicts calm and at a minimum. Being punctual for visits will help as well as limiting the number of times a visit might have to be re-scheduled.

Being careful not to bring a child into an argument will go a long way in keeping them out of the line of fire, because the last thing you want is to make them feel guilty for your conflicts. Maintaining a certain level of civility between yourself and your ex-spouse is something that you should work hard to achieve. The temptation to use children as messengers or spies needs to be resisted, children need to be left to enjoy their childhood.

Bottom line, try not to bring your kids into the drama of a divorce. They deserve better than that.

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