Is Child Support Owed if the Children are No Longer Living With Your Ex-Wife?

In some child support cases a father might wonder if they still have to pay child support if certain circumstances change.  One of the more common situations that can change is that the children is no longer living with their mother.  In these instances fathers might have some questions about how their financial responsibilities could change if the children are now living with someone else.  There can also be some questions that arise if the children are living in a state that is not where the jurisdiction of the divorce took place.

These questions are quite understandable and are worth asking.  It is reasonable that the father in question should try to see that their support gets to the children.  A father may want to know the options he has for modifying the existing child support, and a legal professional can help greatly with this.

Seeking out a qualified legal professional is something that can help a father greatly in navigating the legal system, because they can provide options and methods to participate in legal actions.  The laws pertaining to these issues vary from state to state, so it could be necessary to seek out the help of a legal professional for advice.  Situations that involve more than one state can be a whole lot more complicated still, and in these situations legal professionals can be very useful.  No two situations are the same, and this provides even more reason to seek out qualified legal professionals.

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