Joint Legal Custody and Shared Expenses

When a divorce occurs where children are involved there could be the chance that you end up with joint custody. This type of custody defines a list of responsibilities that are expected for each parent. These sort of agreements allow parents to work together in order to make decisions that are the best for their children. Unfortunately there can still be problems that arise for the children when a parent does not follow the agreement.

A father with a joint legal custody arrangement specifying they have to pay for all medical or other expenses incurred should know what the ex-wife’s responsibilities are. This is not always the case though, because some agreements have been known to come out vague leaving the father to be in the dark. This is not something that many parents find desirable, and for this reason hiring a legal professional to go through the issues can be quite helpful.

If your ex-wife refuses to pay for any of the medical expenses of the child then it could be running contrary to the legal agreement, and this could mean a serious financial cost being placed upon the father. Laws are different state by state though, and enforcing the terms of an agreement can definitely be tricky going forward. Navigating the complexities of these issues is best left to a legal professional.


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