Modifying Child Support or Custody Outside of Court

Following a divorce the situation between you and your children could end up changing in ways you have not foreseen.  You and your ex-wife could end up having changes in income or other responsibilities, and as a result there might be modifications necessary for visitation and custody.  If you and your ex-wife are in agreement about how to modify these issues then you do not have to go to court, but if you disagree then legal intervention might be necessary.  Although in order to feel secure in their arrangement some couples do decide to have their agreement stipulated to in a court order.

If this is something you are currently trying to arrange this sort of agreement than the help of a legal professional could prove to be helpful.  They can review the way your documents are prepared in order to ensure that they are in accordance with the law.  They can translate the meaning and intentions of the document plainly so that there is no misunderstanding of it in the future.  This helps out a great deal in ensuring that the document remains useful in the long run.

Keeping in mind that if you and your ex decide to alter a divorce agreement that it does not alter the court order in the eyes of the court is important.  This is incredibly important to remember, because your ex could lie about what you two might have agreed on when you get in front of a judge.

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