Single Parent Parenting Tips

Being a single parent is not an easy task. At National Family Solutions, we are here to help with any of your family law issues. We know that when it comes to our children, we will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy. Below are a few parenting tips for those single parents out there.

Raising kids by yourself means you don’t have anyone there to back you up if they won’t play nicely. Keep them co-operating by making expectations clear when it comes to behavior  The first thing Supernanny often does on the show is establish a clear set of House Rules, so that the family can agree consequences for not sticking to these rules. Jennifer Wolf, a Parent Coaching Institute certified parent coach, suggests the following for single parents:

  • Establish ground rules: Communicate a set of three to five rules before children misbehave.
  • Use praise: Misbehavior is often a search for approval in disguise. Find opportunities every day to praise good behavior  Reward Charts are simple and effective ways to encourage good behavior  Develop a firm and serious tone of voice. Lowering your voice can be a good tool for effective parent-child communication.
  • Set boundaries: Children need to understand when their behavior is crossing a line. The House Rules will help them remember what behavior has been agreed as unacceptable. Redirect/separate: A child who displays persistent bad behavior can be redirected. If the problem is fighting over toys, take them away; if it is about television, turn it off. Ignore it: When misbehavior is tied to a desire to draw attention, do not allow it to succeed. Time out: Choose a place, such as a chair or corner, where children are challenged to think about bad behavior.


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