Social Media and Text Messaging as Evidence

The technology used in our society is always changing, and the ways that people communicate is changing as well, but with new technologies come new risks.  Someone going through a divorce should be very conscious of any information they put onto the Internet, because it is a permanent record that can be used as evidence in court.  Communicating with a spouse through these means could be especially perilous if they choose to use these messages against you in court.

In order to avoid the consequences of sending a message in anger it is important to carefully consider anything you say.  Legal professionals can advise you on how and where to express your feelings about a given situation, and if you happen to slip up it can be a problem later on in court.  A good way to look at the situation is to wait a day before you send anything, this will go a long way in keeping you from making a hasty decision.  Remembering that any communication can be used as evidence in court is an important thing that will keep you in check.

Being cautious of social media is also very important, because many fathers can end up facing the things they say on there later on in court.  Staying aware also of any pictures posted on these sites would be wise, because they can be used as evidence as well.

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