When Your Wife Prevents You From Seeing Your Kids

If you are divorced and are having trouble seeing your children because of your ex-wife, then you should think about how to attain access through the courts.  If you were not able to keep your marriage together that does not mean that you cannot spend time with your children.  If you are granted visitation as part of your divorce decree, she does not have any legal reason to interfere with your visitation rights.  You need to schedule an appointment with a legal professional if you feel as if someone is attempting to interfere with your rights to see your children.

Your ex-wife could be using any excuse she can think of in order to keep you away from your children.  She might tell people that the children are not interested in seeing you, or that they are too busy.  Whatever the case is it is important to get in touch with a legal professional who can help to explain what your options are.  The sooner you begin the legal process to explain your situation the sooner you might be able to see your kids again.

You can find a number of different options with which to advocate your position, it is simply a matter of you being able to find the right strategy for your situation.  These are precious moments that you should do your best to preserve, and sometimes the legal process is one of the best way to do this.

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