Your Ex Wife is Accusing You of Child Abuse

Even unsubstantiated allegations of child abuse need to be taken very seriously, and you need a legal professional to assist you in addressing the situation properly in court.  Allegations of abuse can be investigated during the divorce proceeding, and often it can mean that the whole process becomes a lot more complicated.  These allegations need to be dealt with by a legal professional, and if these allegations ever come your way and you are not consulting with a legal professional, it is important that you do so immediately.  A legal professional can advise you how to proceed with visitation after these allegations are made.  These allegations can have very serious consequences, so taking them seriously needs to the priority of any parent.

Avoiding the situation until it goes to court is going to be exceedingly difficult, missing out on time with your children is never an easy thing.  A legal professional can assist you in taking advantage of the legal options with regard to defending yourself in court.  Depending on the situation there could be a lengthy investigation into the past of yourself and your ex-wife, legal professionals do a much better job representing their clients with a clear and honest disclosure of the facts.  Nothing about this process is easy, and having a legal professional there to clarify on how an investigation is conducted.  A legal professional can help to communicate your wants and side of the story during the legal proceeding.

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