You’re Our Client—Our Promise to You

Our clients are the hub of our business. Without them, National Family Solutions wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t be able to help the thousands of families in need of family law guidance.

No matter your reason for needing our services, every single one of us at National Family Solutions abides by certain promises to all of our clients, no matter the specific situation.

 We promise to uphold your confidentiality.

Your personal matters are your business—no one else’s. We take confidentiality very seriously, and we promise that all of the information you provide us will be kept safe and secure. You already have enough to deal with, and security of your private information should not be one of them.

 We promise to provide a personal case manager for help and support.

Sometimes during family law situations, you need to speak with an educated individual to learn more about what your next steps may be. That’s where we shine. We promise to provide you with a personal case manager for help and support. This person will be there to talk with you about your situation and the different options you may have. He or she will also be there to provide you with the resources you need to move forward. And if you decide to use any of our other services, your personal case manager will stick with you during those processes as well to help and support you.

 We promise to give you options.

At National Family Solutions, we are here to help you with all of your family law needs. We have helped more than 20,000 families in areas such as establishing or modifying custody and visitation orders, guardianship and conservatorship, parental rights, father’s rights, and divorce issues. No matter your reason for contacting us, we will provide you with the different options you have regarding your specific situation. Once the information is in your hands, it’s up to you to determine how to use it.

 We promise to provide valuable resources.

We are not lawyers, and we will not give you legal advice or provide you with legal representation. However, we can provide you with valuable resources you can use for your specific situation. Not only will we provide you with options for your situation, but if you do require legal advice, we can provide you with a list of qualified lawyers in your area who would be better suited to help you.

 We promise to provide unparalleled services.

Although we may not be able to provide legal advice, there are plenty of services we can provide that will benefit you. Our talented and experienced staff is readily available to provide you with court document preparation, online client and case management, private investigative services, and parent evaluations.


We promise to be affordable.

Since we’re not lawyers, we don’t come with the hefty lawyer price tag. This means that you will receive valuable information and resources regarding your family law needs, and you won’t go broke during the process.

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